Build with Us

We are different
Coldon Homes are different. As a true ‘country builder’ we care about our clients. Our focus is in getting you into the right home more than anything else. That’s why we will always take the time to develop your design, guide you through the myriad of decisions required and ultimately get you into a home you’ll love. This is not a guarantee – it is just what we do every day.

Selecting your Coldon Homes Design
Your first choice is between the contrasting styles of the Leisure Range and the Premier Range. Each is a distinctly different approach to living and has been developed by our skilled, in house team of Coldon Homes Designers.

Building Process
It’s now time to turn a design into ‘your home’.
We know that no two situations are alike. What works for one client may not work for another and we want you to be totally at ease in your new home.

    • Our Sales and Design Consultant will visit your site and consider the location, orientation and surrounds. Initial ideas will be openly discussed and suggestions made to maximise your outcome.
    • At this stage, and if required, you will have the opportunity to enhance the selected floor plan to suit your needs.
    • Once you have decided on the layout you have the opportunity to enhance fittings and finishes to suit your taste, budget and lifestyle.
    • We provide an accurate site plan and elevations tailored to your chosen block of land so you can see exactly how your home will fit into its landscape.

And there are no hidden costs for these services or up-front fees that lock you in. Unlike some others, we don’t demand a deposit before creating a site plans and elevations suitable for your block – we just don’t think you should have to pay to see how our designs fit on your land.

No Surprises Letter of Offer
Our straightforward, no-nonsense Letter of Offer will be forwarded to you once you have finalised your design.
This letter of offer will outline all known costs, itemised inclusions and modifications and enhancements and be as complete as it possibly can be. Contained with this is an acceptance form. Simply sign and return this with any requested documents and we will get started with your home.

Colour Selection, Construction & Beyond.
Once everything is decided we utilise a standard and proven HIA Building Contract to cover all required matters between you as the client and us as the builder. Once this is signed and a deposit paid we work with you on colours and any other finishes you want added. One of our experienced Construction Managers will be appointed to your build and will be your contact throughout the process. Afterwards we follow up to make sure that you are completely happy with the final product and provide you with a 90 day defect period for peace of mind, in addition to a 6 year structural guarantee.

The ‘Home Portal’
Everyone who builds with Coldon Homes has their own ‘Home Portal’ page. This secure page has it’s own log on and allows you to see the progress of your build and share the evolution of your dream home with family and friends. Click here to go to the ‘Home Portal’ or click on the icon at the bottom of every page.

What’s included in a Coldon Home?
Building a home should be about what works for you.  That’s why we give you as much flexibility in choosing the finishes that work for your lifestyle.  Our standard inclusions provide you with what you need to get your house built, with connections and other costs documented in your letter of offer and Contract.  This gives you peace of mind and certainty in costs.To see whats included in your core package, click on one of the links below;

However we know each client is different.  During your design stage we can source prices for all the extras you want, including floor coverings, heating & cooling and anything else you need, which will then be incorporated into your final fixed-price.   In addition to our Leisure and Premier ranges, we can also custom design homes and unit developments to suit specific conditions, or build to the plans that you supply.

To discover how to decorate and complete your home in exactly the manner you want, visit one of our display centres and define your own style.

Have you thought about…

Coldon Homes have built over 6000 houses, as well as a school, post office, bank and a variety of commercial buildings.  In creating a town’s full of construction we have learnt a thing or two.

We know that there are so many little things that you may want to include in your design that turn a house design into a home you love.  Following are a range of things you may want to consider.  Some of these may be a simple as changing a line on a drawing during drafting stage, some will cost a few dollars whilst others may take a quite a bit of time and money to do now, but far less than if you do it later.  Regardless, all are worth thinking about when planning a new home.

We invite you to read through this list and use it to prepare yourself for your meeting with a Coldon Homes Design Consultant so that they can get your home right from the start.

  • Heating and cooling (or pre wiring for future units)
  • Expand or create additional deck area’s or verandah area’s
  • Additional external stairs to lower level and elevated decks
  • Privacy screens to decks
  • Additional roller door to rear of garage for access
  • Floor coverings
  • Kitchen upgrades
  • Extra wall tiling to wet area’s or skirtings
  • Sliding doors to robes
  • Ceiling sweep fans to bedrooms or living area’s
  • HPM (heater/fan/light) to bathrooms
  • Extra Phone points or Data Points
  • Power points where you need them, including the garage and outside
  • Additional TV points
  • Exterior power points
  • Outside shower for coming home from the beach
  • Externally ducted range hood or ceiling exhaust fans
  • Security doors
  • Reposition windows to maximise views or add high set windows for light
  • Door bell
  • Solar power panels
  • Rainwater tank plumbed to toilets
  • Is the fridge cavity large enough for your fridge
  • Water filter in kitchen sink
  • Vent for clothes dryer
  • Ceiling fan in alfresco areas for air movement
  • Tap in alfresco area
  • Power point in alfresco area
  • Data wiring for entertainment system/surround sound
  • If you want to wall mount your TV, work out the location of the powerpoint and TV point
  • Exterior tap to upstairs decks or balconies for cleaning and watering